Facilities at school


School has a library for students and staff with more then 5000 books

Text book for study up to Metric are more then 3000

Text book for study of 10+1 & 10+ : More then 500

Knowledge base, General, Encyclopedia, Surveys, personalities, Comics, Cartoon, Biography Books: More then 1500

Computer Lab

There is a computer lab in school for learning purpose and almost 16 computers are there in the computer lab.

The Lab is Internet ready.

Science Lab:

The school has a science lab with for the student up to 10th class. All basic science project, instrument, practical are available here.

Smart room:

For the advance study and provide video visualize facility to the student school has two projector rooms and 2 LED rooms.

Play Ground

School also owns a play ground for sports and extracurricular activities.

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